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In Theory

In Theory

Clinton, Maryland

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Metal, Instrumental & Classical
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United States
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Stephen Somosky
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The In Theory Music Project is A self produced Music/Story project. All original Story concepts, Music, and Artwork written or produced by Stephen Somosky. Artist- In Theory Album Title- "The Grand Design" Release Date- TBD Original Story Structure By- Stephen Somosky (Like reading the back of a book) "The Theory of Everything" is an uplifting science fiction drama with a dark twist. When released each song will come with a very detailed piece of the story. How detailed will each short piece of the story be? You will get lost in the story!!! Seeing the artwork, reading the story, and listening to the album. Its like you were there!!! As the story/album progresses you will have a chance to see each characters side and their own personal journey through the story. Songs 1 - 6 our understanding of creation, human life, where we believe our place in existence is and What to expect in years to come as we make more and more scientific breakthroughs. We believe know more then we really do. But that is human nature. Songs 7 - 11 The jounrey is beginning to the true show pieces of the true nature of the universe. And as humans always do again we think we understand more then we really do. Little by little more truths of everything become clear but we still are far from the absolute truth. Songs 12 - 13 Complete understanding of the perfection it takes for Creation to even exist. And that the essence of all space, time, and reality are from beyond creation. We finally see our true place in the universe and how small we really are in the grand scale of Absolutely Everything. Everything we believe as human beings. (Human life being superior to all other life. Our purpose, our perception of reality) were never even close to being right. And There are even things outside of existence and creation that are beyond understanding. These are laws of everything they just are and always have been. Song -14 Redemption. Complete understanding of existence. many universes exist and each have their their own creator. But true Absolute Everything is incomprehensible. It is Infinite without a no beginning or end. And we have take our creation/ existence for granted. Soon all we have ever know it will be reclaimed. "The Grand Design" song list in order (Subject to change) 1- Emergence 2- Shattering the State of Perfection 3- Deliverance 4- Witness A True Tale of Terror 5- Weathering the Storm 6- The Longest Journey 7- The Uncertainty Principle- Part I 8- Pillars of Creation 9- The Uncertainty Principle- Part II 10- Everything Must Someday Die 11- The Uncertainty Principle- Part III 12- (See You) In Another LIfe Brotha 13- Chaos is a Ladder 14- Return To Nothing